Superb network coverage
E360 Controller
LumenRadio E360 is a new signal transmission product independently developed and produced by PHEON LUX. It has a built-in LumenRadio module and a wireless communication protocol independently developed by Huiguan based on the 2.4GHz frequency band, which provides strong network coverage and network anti-interference capability.
Strong signal and
wide control range

Based on the wireless technology of the LumenRadio E360 multi-signal wireless aggregator, the product, together with the MADRIX software, Lumenair software, Madmapper software and PHEON LUX APP, can quickly connect and control film and television lighting products in a 120-metre radius area, thus realising the convenient operation of controlling more than one product.

Various connection methods

In order to meet the needs of users in shooting scenes and special environments with multiple signal interference, the E360 is designed with both wired and wireless connections. Users can choose Ethernet port connection, wired DMX port connection, and WiFi connection.

Multi-protocol support, control lights at will
CRMX, ArtNet, DMX, 2.4G protocols, multi-protocol support, easy to connect mobile phone APP, computer and digital dimming console.
It can be controlled by Sir Mak, Lumenair, Huiguan APP and other Software control.
Intelligent integrated control
Creators can unify the control of different types of film and television equipment through the PHEON LUX APP, set up groups to connect various devices; at the same time, you can simultaneously drive multiple groups (unlimited groups) of equipment to set up the lighting linkage effect, to truly realise the intelligent experience.
Simple signal connection conversion
Controller function key machine setup is simple and intuitive, the creator can through the body of the left side of the control buttons and the display allows users to quickly select the control mode, after completing the selection, a short press on the top of the display of the pairing button can be completed to connect the matching.
Compact and Lightweight

The Controllery of the E360 is made of PC+ABS plastic. Weighing only 0.26kg, the machine is lightweight and comes in a handy case, making it easy to carry around.

Flexible power supply
The product supports type-C interface, DC power supply and V-port battery power supply.
  • type-C Power
  • DC Power
Designed for brand users
For the first time, Huiguan Culture Technology has created a 4-domain signal connection mode. The first domain can choose to output CRMX or wired DMX signals, the remaining three domains can only be connected to the wireless products of HGCT (other brands need to purchase a separate signal receiving stick to connect to these domains).
High quality guarantee
The body has excellent heat and impact resistance, equipment protection is more comprehensive, the use of the process is not easy to damage, IP20 waterproof level can also resist the changing weather changes, can better adapt to the complex environment of the film set.