Flexible and friendly control
Air Lux Ⅱ(M)
PHEON LUX introducing the new LED Pixel technology to the Air Lux series of products. Using the HUE + SAT color adjusting mode, controlling the precise brightness and color to meet your production needs.
Calibrate studio lighting
Convenient wireless control
Smooth and accurate adjustment
Color mixing technology
High CRI
High Reproduction
CRI/TLCI 95 high color rendering, closer to sunlight as a light source, suitable for large scenes such as film, advertising, concerts, etc., faithfully reproducing the texture of the captured image; supports G/M ±100 red-green balance adjustment.
With a wide color temperature range of 2,700K-10,000K and fine-level dimming, it brings smooth and excellent lighting effects for film and television shooting。
Lightweight and Reliable
Designed with lightweight needs, the M14C weighs only 690g, making it perfect for handheld shooting by creators.
Perfect Diffuse Effect
The Pixel M series inflatable light retains the soft light solution of the original H series, based on the needs of users for soft light. With a CRI>95 high CRI and soft light accessories, it provides a perfect soft light effect for film and television shooting tasks
Select RGBWW dimming parameters, providing a thousand-level film and television light source.
Colorful Special Effects
Full Atmosphere
Built-in multiple special effects, easy creation of various atmospheres and lighting effects without the need for a console, reducing the difficulty of creation and providing more creative solutions for creating atmosphere.
  • Unidirectional streamer
  • Rainbow flow
  • Round-trip streaming light
  • Dual stream light
  • Music 1
  • Music 2
  • Random colors
  • Random colors
  • Random Flowing Light
  • Starlight
  • Stacking
  • Color block jumping
  • Colored streamer
Professional Control for
High-Efficiency Experience

Specifically designed for Air Pix, controllers range from 100W to 800W.Each controller integrates popular international wireless communication modules, and offers multiple control modes, including DMX512, APP, WIFI, 2.4G, and CRMX.

Light Group Linkage Continuous Creativity
Air Lux Pixele achieves pixel-level control during creation through a unique algorithm arrangement. With built-in lighting and pixel effects, creators can use the control box or PHEON LUX APP to quickly achieve integrated lighting control, creating a stunning atmospheric effect.
Easy Inflation & Wide Applicability
The entire series of Air Pix are compatible with both automatic and electric inflatable pumps, Simply insert the pump into the air valve for rapid inflation.
  • Automatic air pump
  • Electric air pump
Various sizes and options
In addition to inheriting the regular sizes of the full-color H series, the M series have developed new M116C (1x16 feet) and M216C (2x16 feet) models. While the light panel is extended and enlarged, the brightness remains the same, providing high-quality lighting performance and multiple model options to create more possibilities for film and television lighting creation.
Effective protection
Multi-layer material compression, foldable lamp body, with airbag protection, higher safety.