Large-area light source
Sky Lux F350C
A large-area light sourcethat combines high-quality color performance and precise control, thin and easy to assemble,and easily adapts to various scenarios.
Adjustment-calibrate set lighting
Wide CCT ,switch freely
Stepless dimming
Color mixing technology
Extremely high
brightness output
CRI/TLCI 95 high color rendering, closer to sunlight as a light source, suitable for large scenes such as film, advertising, concerts, etc., faithfully reproducing the texture of the captured image; supports G/M ±100 red-green balance adjustment.
With a wide color temperature range of 2,700K-10,000K and fine-level dimming, it brings smooth and excellent lighting effects for film and television shooting。
Super Large-Scale Pixel Control
Advanced LED technology and flexible materials are used to arrange pixels in a design, 16 units can be freely spliced to form a 3m x 3m super-large luminous surface. The wide and soft light quality is combined with precise lighting control. It can be installed horizontally or vertically to easily meet the needs of various scenes.
High Freedom Pixel Segmentation Mode
Sky Lux F350C can be divided into a variable number of pixels, which can meet the lighting accuracy requirements of different scenes and reduce the difficulty of lighting control for lighting engineers.
Pixel short matrix can be used flexibly, through the controller to adjust the direction and size of the matrix.
Imagination and creativity soar together
Incorporates a variety of lighting effects,reduces the difficulty of creation,provides a wide range of color options and flexible lighting control settings
  • Rainbow flow
  • Unidirectional streamer
  • Round-trip streaming light
  • Dual stream light
  • Music 1
  • Music 2
  • Random colors
  • Random colors
  • Random Flowing Light
  • Starlight
  • Stacking
  • Color block jumping
  • Colored streamer
Creative Enhancement
Novel Pixel Control Experience
the Sky Lux (F350C), has officially launched. With an ultra-large output power of 3500W and control of up to 1600 pixel points, it provides strong light sources and future lighting needs for the cinema lighting industry.
Flexible and diverse control

The system includes an international wireless communication module LumenRadio provides stable and interference-resistant signals, which meets the needs of different environmental applications. The system also supports wired and wireless control, including Art-Net, DMX512, CRMX and Wi-Fi.

Easy to operate
and worry-free
Dimming controllers specifically designed for the Sky Lux, A simple and intuitive user interface. Support for multiple communication protocols, fast response to control signals.HUE+SAT color adjustment,Multiple dimming curves and 600+ Gels, can help users to create the perfect lighting environment for any occasion.
  • Control Connection Interface
  • USB 5V/500mA
Slim and easy to assemble
Weighing in at just 24.4kg, these large-scale film and television Sky Lux are crafted from durable materials for a slim, foldable design. They easily pair with various light control accessories like eggcrates to meet the lighting needs of diverse large-scene setups.
Comprehensive protection with high safety level
IP20 protection level, support -20°C-40°C, multi-layer flexible material compression to ensure the safety of the lamp bead, resistance to impact.